14-year old resists going back to mom's


My 14 year old daughter insists she will not go back to her mom like she is supposed to before school starts. She has a very strong personality and I believe she will resist a whole lot. We reside about 1.5 hours away from the mom. I’m trying to figure out a way that will make for the smoothest transfer possible to her mom. I thought maybe the cops could help. Any and all suggestions and advice are welcome. I believe she will resist kicking and screaming and that they will get along miserably. Yeah, yeah, I know it’s all dysfunctional, but I just want ideas on how to facilitate such a transfer.


The cops are not going to assist with the behavioural problems of a child- they would only intervene if one of the parents is violating an order. You will need to take your daughter to the appointed exchange location, and unfortunately hope for the best.