17 yr. old daughter. Custody change?

It was just brought to my attention that my daughter lied about spending the night at a New Years Party, where she had stated that boys weren’t allowed to stay. After weeks of lying about it she was caught. There were pictures on Facebook. Rule in the house is I always have facebook passwords. She had changed hers. Randomly checking out her account, I noticed the change. I got proof of the party circumstances from her facebook.

She was punished with the following:
1-No facebook for 2 weeks for changing the password 2 weeks prior with out notice.
2-No car for one month for lying with the intention of spending the night with the guys at the party
3-No Soccer this year for staying at the party after being told to call and come home if guys were staying.

Today she calls from her mother’s house and says that she is not coming home. She can’t deal with my punishments and wont for her senior year.

Court order custody states:
Alernating weeks between here and her mother’s. (This is my week)
Extracurriculars have to be agreed upon by both parents.
Communication is to be done by email.
The parent with physical custody of the child for that week can make day to day decisions regarding the child.
Changes to the schedule need to be made atleast 48 hours in advance

Do I have any legal options? Her mother will not answer or return my calls. She will not answer or return my calls.
If she does not come home, do I owe child support?
Will the court modify custody when she is 2 months from turning 18 and 4 months from graduation?
Will the court allow custody modification to escape punishment?
Is the mother in contempt, if so what happens?


In the case of a 17 year old child, the other parent must make the child available for visitation, and if the child won’t go, it is usually not viewed as begin the other parent’s fault absent alienation or encouragement.
The child’s refusal to visit does not impact your support obligation, and you still must pay support.
To modify custody you need to show that there has been a substantial change in circumstances affecting the child. Her behavior and staying overnight at a party would not meet that bar. The court will not modify custody in order to force the child to accept punishment.