2 Children born out of wedlock


First , me and the (2) kids mother live together . We both do not want to be with each other . We have a age difference of 11 years and communication is a big issue . I know if we do live at a separate residence that I would have many more problems with her based on decisions she makes . It has happened before . ( false statement claiming assault ) She does not work , I have did majority of the work. I just want to go for child custody and be done with it . My question is this , if she has forfited rights of a special needs child (not mine) , would a judge grand custody of 2 kids to her ? And , if we ourself agreed on custody and had it written what are some things that I can do to make it legal ?



Relinquishing parental rights for one child may be taken into consideration by a judge, but will not bar a party from obtaining custody of another child (or 2 in your case). The weight a judge gives this information will be determined by the circumstances that lead to the relinquishment.

Yes, you can make a child custody agreement. If you are interested in help with drafting an agreement, you can see us for a consultation or consider using our Rosen Online service where we can assist you with forms and answering your case specific questions. www.rosen.com/diy