$25,000 Past Due Support

My daughter’s father owes over $25,000 in past due support. She is getting ready to start college and he has told her he will not help. I have a court order signed by a judge detailing his obligations for private high school, payment of college and half of fees and medical expenses. I do not have the money to hire an attorney and the child support agency will not help because the amount of the support is not set. It changes every year because of tuition hikes and medical expenses. He does pay the support calculated by worksheet A that was set 10 years ago, but nothing else. We last went to court in 2006. At that time, the judge ordered him to catch up on past due support. He caught up to the court date and stopped again. He will not answer my telephone calls, emails or letters. I am at a loss. I am only asking for him to provide her with what he agreed to do when we divorced. Please help.

You need to file a motion for order to appear and show cause. You will need to appear in court, and have a record of all the past due amounts. You should also have knowledge of the expenses going forward for the next year, so you can ask the court for a specific amount to be paid towards arrears as well as an ongoing obligation, even if the amount will change the following year depending upon the tuition. We have a lot of resources on our website including forms and information on navigating the court system. Hopefully, these resources will help you if you cannot afford an attorney. You should also consider using Rosen Online to assist you with the forms and preparing for the hearing for a monthly fee.