29 yrs. and i want a divorce

Long story but gonna make it short. I’m Keisha and i have issues.Married my husband 1986, I was 17 yrs.old. In 1987 my husband get hurt on his job. Very bad accident and fact he lost a arm. We sued the campanys and was awarded a very large sum of money , In the millions . However the checks are in is name . we have 4 children ,3 are over 21 and a 11 year old. In between this time my husband became very insecure and turn to a gun as his second arm. do to the gums he can’t seem to stay out of prison. All street person . He did 10 yrs. in prison for a body came home on a five yrs. probation . After 3 yrs. he get arrested for having a gun . They gave him 13 to life . up for parole next year. At this point i am done . I want a divorce. I never had to work due to the life style and money i’ve live off for 28 yrs.I lived in NY but two yrs. ago i moved to NC. He is in prison in NY. I’m now 45 yrs. old and still living off this money. What are my chances of getting half of everything.

According to North Carolina law, the presumption is that all marital property should be split 50/50. However, I would suggest you schedule a consultation with an attorney to discuss the financials with an attorney in greater detail.