3 year cs review

My fiancee’s 3 year cs has come and past, he still get it reviewed? Reason i ask is we have been staying with my grandpa while we finish moving, and a lot of our mail does not get to us on time because my grandpa gets it and puts it with his stuff. We found out other day the review notice came in march, and we had not been aware of it. Right now his cs is based onbhimbworking 2 ft jobs and his ex not working at all. Now, he has 1 ft job and so does the ex, and she claims to make more than he does. As it is, his cs is more than a quarter of what he makes in a month, and with my kids, and our baby we struggle just to survive. Is there anything he can do?

On him working

He should contact the court to determine what happened with the initial notice. If the court didn’t enter a new order, he should file a motion to modify child support.