3 Year no review clause

Ex and I had a temporary support order and while in mediation for custody I lowered the child support amount by half. My problem now is that I have started incurring daycare expenses, Ex on at least 10 of 14 occasions dropped our child off sick at the daycare and refused to take him to the doctor therefore I had to take off work losing almost $200 a day each time and also incurring that day’s daycare expense. Ex has also not taken all of his over nights canceling on several occasions therefore lowering his amount of over nights below the “joint/shared custody” requirements of 123 over nights. Vacations have also not been taken, which is what brought him to the 123 over nights. To add fuel to my fire when daycare has expressed the need for diapers and such when he drops him off, he tells them to call me it’s my responsibility.

So it works out something like this, I provide all clothing, diapers and 400-500 mth in daycare expenses, ex cancels weekends and vacations lowering his over nights to sole custody work sheet but pays $325 less than state guidelines, if he took all his over nights and vacations it would only be $145 below state guidelines, I provide all transportation to doctors and am the only one losing pay from work. He provides all transportation for visits. The kicker, there is a 3 year no review clause in our mediated custody order. Can I modify or do I have to wait?

Sounds like the guy won one.

Since CSE will not effectively help a non-custodial parent (NCP) collect medical bills I advise NCPs to not pay medical bills and generally that means not taking them to the doctor. [If a custodial parent has a $30 co pay she can ask CSE to collect it and they will get $15. If an NCP asks them to collect a $30 co-pay they will ask for $18 to serve the papers. You can see why I am reluctant to make medical payments.]