4 different mothers and child support

These are the choices we make when we have children. Appoximately 140.00 per month per child is getting off easy. Has he though of getting a second job? I understand that a 700.00 payment a month is steep, but is it fair for the other parent to have to make up the difference because your husband has so many kids? I feel for the fiancial strain, but I feel for the kids who would be the ultimate victim who ends up getting ths short end of the stick when he/she has irresponsible parents. I assume you knew about the children before you married him, so it was your choice to become involved with a man who is responsible for five kids. I may sound harsh, but I am one of the parents who are dependant on child support and am having to go to court over and over in order to make my ex face his responsibilities. I don’t have a whole lot of simpathy for men who go out and have kid after kid after kid and then decide they can’t afford to take care of them.

my mistake, I misread… 116.66 per child per month and 6 kids.

I agree with tribotina. The only solution I see is for your husband to get a second job. If he’s late on child support it could be that the courts will make it be his employer’s responsibility to take it all from his wages.
He could file for modifying child support based on the amount he is responsible for to the other children but I don’t see the court being very sympathetic to someone with so many children who is trying to reduce the amount he pays to support them.
My personal opinion/solution: Vasectomy…but that’s just my opinion and doesn’t help with the 6 children he already has.

The child support guidelines are designed to take into account support that he pays for his other children. Have you tried running the guidelines on our website to determine if he is paying the correct amount of support for each child? If he is paying the correct amount for each child you could file a motion to modify against each parent and ask the court to deviate from the guidelines and ask the court to set an amount of support your spouse can afford to pay and allocate it fairly among all the other parents. If he has past due child support he needs to do what he can to bring this current as soon as possible, he could be put in jail for failure to pay child support. However, the police won’t just come and pick him up one day, he will have to have a hearing first. If your spouse intends to file a motion to modify child support he should do it as soon as possible. Child support cannot be modified retroactively.

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im sorry but i didnt put this on here to get blasted i put this on here for professional advice i look at it like this if he was with one woman and making the same amount of money with the same amount of kids they wouldnt be getting all that i too recieve child support and depend on it

[i]Originally posted by trbotina[/i] [br]my mistake, I misread... 116.66 per child per month and 6 kids.

The fact is, they don’t look at it as one woman with 6 kids. Childcare is less expensive per child with 6 kids enrolled(most child care centers/afterschool programs offer a second/third child discount), while one child would be full price. Family insurance would cover all 6 kids(usually at the same price of 2 or more), while as groups of one and two children medical insurance is exponetionally more. It is less expensive (per person) to feed larger groups, than it is to feed smaller ones. (I am not talking about preprepared food, I’m talking about real meals) So it is fair that they look at the amount of mothers involved. I’m sure there are people on this site who pay child support and would be grateful to be able to pay 116.00 per child, or even 200.00. These people are in the same income bracket as your husband. If you have brought it before a judge and he felt a reduction wasn’t inorder, then there really isn’t much you can do unless some circumstances change. When all this is brought up in court, they do take into account obligations, including child support for other children. It is included in the guideline calculator. If scheduling is a problem with a second job, there are jobs that he can work around his schedule for. I have a second job (which I had to take because my ex is 8000.00 behind in child support) where I work security, I am able to schedule when/where I work. It is done on a temp basis, so if, for some reason I can’t work I am not penalized. It is not great pay (7.50 hr) but it the flexibility more than makes up for it.

my husband has an ex wife with 2 kids and 3 other women in wchich he had 4 other kids. when he goes to court to get his chid support reduced they never take into consideration of the other child support he is paying. what can he do? all together he pays 650 -700 a month for childsupport. he only brings home 350-400 a week from his job. he doesnt pay it all cause we couldnt live if he did. the state takes out 55 a week for child support and he is responisible for the rest. but we can never afford to pay it. he afraid of going to jail. do you have any solutions?