A challenge


I have a couple of questions. My first is, where can a person find an attorney who does pro bono work? None of the “legal aid” web sites have helped, nor has the legal aid hotline.
Secondly, in my divorce it states that “neither party will in any way molest or interfere in any manner or at any time with the personal rights, liberties, or privileges of the other. Each shall henceforth live his or her personal life as he or she may deem appropriate, free from each other’s authority or control, direct or indirect, and otherwise unrestricted in any manner by either of the parties hereto” He sued me when I left FL (we had moved there together even after the divorce) and after almost 2 years in court, they stripped me of not only my custody of the children but also of my freedom to move wherever I choose. He had them set a 25 mile limit on me so that I am stuck here in NC without being able to move more than 25 miles unless HE says it’s ok or the court says so. Doesn’t that breech our contract from the divorce?

Also, I am trying to retry the case back in NC again to try and get back my primary physical custody of the children like it was when we divorced and before FL took it upon themselves to tell me they did not care what NC ruled. I was given these forms for Petition for, Registration of, and confirming registration of foreign child custody order. They make no sense to me and I don’t want to ruin any chances I may have of getting custody set back to the way it was supposed to be. I know this is a mess to sort through which is why I am trying to find a pro bono attorney, any help you may have is greatly appreciated as I just finished school and still have not found a job. Thank you in advance.

  1. Most attorneys do not do Pro-Bono family law unless you meet some poverty guidelines

  2. The 25 mile limit most likely has more to do with custody than YOU specifically. Many agreements restrict moving outside of a certain distance as not to interfere with custody. The parent themselves is often allowed to move wherever they wish, however they cannot move the children with them without consent of the other party.


Whether an attorney will help you with your case on a pro bono basis is his/her individual decision, and there is no central directory of individuals who do pro bono work.

That provision of the separation agreement does not pertain to custody. The custody order trumps any custody provisions contained in the agreement.

If you need assistance with completion of the forms and filing the petition, you should consider using Rosen Online where we can assist you with more complex drafting and filing questions.