A mother in need: My temporary consent order has expired


My Son’s father filed for full custody of our 5 year old son last January and i could not afford to retain an attorney and the legal advice i was given was really bad. I basically was convinced that since he was not a bad dad to let him try to have primary custody temporarily while i finished school. so i agreed to a temp consent order for a 12 month period in which he had primary custody and i saw him every other weekend and shared holidays. Well of course i regretted it shortly after when he started being hard to get along with and trying to keep me out the loop on everything in our sons life. Constantly saying he took our son from me and now the order expired in May and he is now saying hes not letting my son come back to stay with me at all. I don’t have money to retain a lawyer and i don’t know what i can do to keep him from doing this or how to get custody back of my son. i have called the clerks office and was told they cant appoint me and attorney and cant give legal advice. i also reached out to the legal aide office in my area and they don’t assist with custody issues. please help. what do i need to file in the court to put a stop to this.


You need to set a hearing for permanent custody.