A situation with a foreign spouse

Think this out you married her do you love her? and do you want to be with for the rest that the time you live? I married a Thai in 87 and she is a low life and you will find this out yourself I did but that is a different story with 2 children
Think about it. not easy trust me you will find out but when you do life will be so much better for you
Good luck to you

hey there, dont regret that you didnt trust the warnings of your friends! It happens in love, coz love is blind. For now, focus on your life: only YOU know what to do. Best wishes.

Hey does anyone know what happens when you go into a court and file for a divorce.

If they ask for an address for your wife or ask where she is and you say you don’t know.

Because my wife refuses to talk to me and I don’t exactly know the address of where she is at that I can use as a mailing address in case I need to mail the divorce paperwork to her so when I do come back to the states, there will be absolutely no way that I will be able to contact her.

I think that if you don’t know the exact location of your spouse they will run an ad in the paper for 6 weeks in the last known location of your spouse and they have a certain of time to resond to it. Go to the courthouse and see if they can confirmthis for you

I’m trying to get a divorce from my wife. I am from NC but am in the military in Korea. My wife knows about how hard it will be for me to get a divorce from her if she doesn’t sign any papers and has told me that I have to pay her $2000 to sign the papers and make it easier on myself. I’ll be damned if I give into this ****. Me and her have only been married for 7 months and not once have I ever slept with her so you know we don’t have any kids together.

Because she is a phillipine citizen, there is no way I’ll ever be able to get her into an american court. She is also an illegal alien in Korea but the government won’t deport because she is married to me(another reason why she probably doesn’t want to get the divorce). I need to get some really helpful advice on what I should do in this situation. She has cheated on me numerous times(I have too but only after the separation) and she has expressed the thought that she lied about loving me and only married me to get a visa(which I found out about before I let myself be dumb enough to file for one). She says she felt pity on me when we got married saying that she married me because no one else would. I think that was a huge line of bull.

This has never been the happy marriage that I envisioned it to be. She was playing me for a fool from the very beginning and I can’t believe I didn’t see it coming. All my friends tried to warn me but I didn’t listen and I should have seen this day coming since before the marriage ever took place. I backed out of the marriage twice but I was gullable enough to believe her every word at the time. Why in God’s name did I do it. I believe I was a very good husband but being a good husband to a wife who only wants to use you for your money isn’t any kind of relationship.

People, how do you think I should handle this situation?