That’s domestic abuse/child abuse. Call the police and file a report. Then get a restraining order against him.


If you dont press charges,and get him out of your home,CPS WILL take your child. YOU are responsible for protecting her,and if they think you arent doing just that,they will take her until you make him leave. So you have a choice-him or your child[?] I think you know what you need to do.
Be strong

I will survive~~~


Dear rcsmyth13:

Greetings. This is a great question - and after some research my answer is that no, this is not abandonment. While his behavior was intolerable, you still asked him to leave, so my opinion is that it is not abandonment. Yes, I believe he has committed domestic violence against your child. No, he cannot make you responsible for all the bills.

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my husband smacked my 13 yr old in the face and slung her on the ground and I have asked him to leave is that abandonment? Is this concidered domestic abuse.Can he leave and make me responsible for all the bills