Absolute Divorce Granted but Settlement Agreement still open

I was recently granted an Absolute Divorce in North Carolina, but since my now ex-wife would not sign the Settlement Agreement, the equitable distribution portion of the divorce was left “open” by the judge.

My ex-wife, who lives in another state, did not appear at the divorce because she did not want a divorce, but does not mind cheating with other men. I have a military pension and children.

How does this affect my military pension and child support (which I have continued to pay during our separation)? Thanks

Since Equitable Distribution is still pending, the court will set a date to determine the propery distribution, and your ex could be awarded a portion of your pension.

Thank you. I did the divorce by myself. No further date was set for this matter. Although she could conceivable get a portion of my retirement, part of it is from disability from the VA. I did not fight over anything, but let her keep the house (which is paid for), but I am not going to let her get the pension if I am able to stop it. She even sent me a text message saying she would sign the settlement papers, but backed out because she said she did not want the divorce.