Absolute Divorce story


I married my husband in December 2005–we lived together until (however in seperate rooms) until January 15th-2007–we weren’t ever “together” and never consummated the marriage at any time. I am currently seeking an Absolute Divorce on my own and we have been separated for quite some time (2 years)–I am also living with my boyfriend (whom I’ve been with since 2007). Even though my husband and I never consummated the marriage, been separate for 2 years and currently hold no property or no children involved–I am concerned that my boyfriend may become a factor in this—even though my husband has had multiple partners in the past 3 years–even when we were living together.

When we got married, I was under the impression that he was heterosexual and a legal citizen (in which case he is not heterosexual and NOT a legal citizen—we were courting for a few months before we got married and then a month into our marriage realized it would never work out since I found out he is a homosexual)–but no hard feelings and as far as I know we don’t have any grudges towards eachother and I really just want the divorce so that I could someday marry my current boyfriend.

Any advice? or anyone in a similar situation?