Absolute Divorse

My wife and I have been seperated for seven years now. We have one child which resides with her. I have paid child support for all these years and have provided health,dental and vision insurance. I have my son every weekend and we have no problems with visitation . She pretty much took all of the marital property when she left except for the house we lived in which belonged to my mother and was willed to myself and 3 brothers. I have made several attempts to get my wife to sign a separation agreement as to the the way things have been for the past seven years but she refuses. For financial reasons I am thinking of self filing for an “absolute divorce” using the counties divorce kit.(Buncombe). My question is after watching a video on your site is, how do i ad or incorporate into this “self kit” the ability to preserve my rights as well as hers to ed,child support,visitation and custody should the need ever arise? Thanks for a reply.

Child support and child custody are not affected by the entry of divorce, Alimony and ED are forever barred if you do not include a claim for them in your divorce complaint.