Abusive= Help please


I am wanting to know if I can legally change the locks on my house doors until I obtain an attorney? Almost 2 weeks ago my husband agreed to leave our home after he found out that I was filing an order for a petition from domestic violence. The agreement was he would live elsewhere with agreed access to his garage on property to do work in a business he is attempting to start. I agreed to prevent loss of income and business thinking we would be able to obtain counseling and reconciliation. I now found out he has contacted an attorney and is filing for divorce and wants me to agree to property distribution. I have not been able to consult an attorney yet and I am afraid if I do not agree with him, he will become angry and violent. I have been told it is too late to file a domestic violence petition because the last incident was near a month ago. Please help me…



If he left the home 2 weeks ago with no intention of returning, then yes, you may change the locks.


Yes, you can change the locks. It’s also not too late to file for a domestic violence protective order.