Actress Jennie Garth’s Marriage Dilemma

According to reports, actor, Peter Facinelli has submitted paper work requesting a divorce from actress, Jennie Garth. The divorce papers were allegedly filed in the Los Angeles Superior Court on Thursday and cite the reasons as “irreconcilable differences.”

Reportedly, the couple had been married for 11 years and had separated in early January, over tensions which arose from the two being separated from each other while he was away filming “The Twilight Saga” in addition to his work on “Nurse Jackie.” Allegedly, the couple had attempted to keep the marriage together by having Facinelli fly home between shooting schedules as much as he could, but eventually the strain became too much. According to reports Garth was hesitant to agree to the divorce and found herself in shock over the realization that her marriage was ending.

Allegedly, Garth’s attorney has filed paperwork requesting to have her name changed back to Jennifer Garth. Garth is reported to have stated that the worst is over and she is beginning to come to terms with her situation. It has been reported that Garth and Facinelli have 3 girls together and have agreed to share joint custody of their children.

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