Adding a Codicil to a will


Before the divorce is complete, can I add a codicil to my Last Will and Testament to give another person my personal property I own in case of my death? Does the soon to be ex-spouse receive any benefits upon my death if an Equitable Distribution has already been signed? Can I delete the spouse from my Last Will and Testament before the Absolute Divorce is complete??


Yes, before an absolute divorce is complete you can add a codicil to your will or create a new will giving another person your personal property.

Before an absolute divorce is granted, a spouse can still receive benefits from a deceased spouse even if there is an equitable distribution order in place. A separation agreement however, oftentimes has each spouse waiving their right to specific death benefits that they might otherwise be entitled to.

Yes, you can remove your spouse in your will and put someone else as your beneficiary before the absolute divorce is granted.