Of course he has rights. Since you kicked him out you are legally seperated. What you need to do now is draft a seperation agreement to divide your assets and liabilites. Adultery is against the law in NC, and there are a few remedies for it; a judge may take it into consideration when finalizing the sep. agreement. You can sue his girlfriend for criminal conversation, but this is a pricey battle for both sides, and the outcome is not as cut and dried as most feel it could be.


</font id=“Georgia”>ok im in the military and i have caught my husband cheating on me and i want a divorce what rights does he have if any is he entitlled for me to support him or pay alimony if he had a job when we were together [xx(]hes no longer living with me i kicked out when i found out and i waundering the laws on his rights if he has any i know in nc its a crime