Adultrey in N.C


My husband has committed adultry numerous times and I am tired and just down right mentally and physically exhausted with it. We have been married 9 years, have two young children. He is in the US Army and I have called on them for help before and nothing comes of it. He came home tonight with the proof of unprotected sex all over his pants. Im not sure hoe many times he has done this, if he has passed on an STD on to me or what. I need help, I really need help. What do I do, he will not leave our home and he is constantly drunk and arguing with me in front of the kids also trying to brung them in it. Please help!!! I dont know what else to do.


In NC, you can file for a divorce from bed and board. That is an action that is fault based. NC is a no-fault divorce state. Keep that in mind. I advise you to hire a “good” attorney because you need a good one. (Unfortunately, there are some rotten, rotten ones out there.) You can get him out with this action.

That is your first step. Military rules are different from civilian rules. You need someone versed in military law for your situation. Other than that, I can only wish you the best. I am so sorry. Good luck. I mean that. Get the scuz ball out!


Mom’s daughter is correct. You may file an action for divorce from bed and board based on his adultery and drunkenness. This a claim for a Court ordered separation, and the judge can order your husband to move out of the house based on your complaint.

I highly recommend you see and attorney in the near future to create a plan of action.