After Divorce is final


After the divorce is final, am I allowed to get on with my life with someone if custody hasn’t been done yet?

I have been kinda, but not really with someone. Both of us have been waiting for the divorce to be over with. He didn’t want to get put in the middle of all the mess, even though the STBX has been with and sleeping with his partner. I know two wrongs don’t make a right, so that is why him and I have been waiting.

When the divorce is done, does my ex have any say in me dating or having someone over? Am I able to have my soon to be new partner here when ever we please? He is a very good man, (which makes the ex jealous). He would never do any harm to my children. My children miss him so much because he hasn’t been around. I just want to make sure that if the ex throws up stuff that I can just tell him to take a flying leap and to stay out of my personal life.

Thank you so much.


More or less, yes. It’s not his business after you are divorced. You are allowed to date during separation but not to have sex with someone other than your husband. After the divorce, the only reason the courts would look at that situation is if your ex filed for custody based on the danger to your children by this person.


Thank you step-mother.

I don’t forsee that ever happening. We all have known this person for 3 yrs or so. My ex knows he wouldn’t hurt him in anyway.

But, if anything did come about it, could I use the fact that my STBX use to beat my other children and that there are DSS reports and court records showing so?