Alienation of Affect, Criminal Convers, Malicious Intent

A superior (divorcing in England, residing in Switzerland) at California based company where ex-wife worked, maliciously interfered with my marriage ultimately causing the divorce (married in Ontario, Canada). I sponsored wife’s Green Card, paid pre-marital debts and put her through University, eventually she became higher income earner. Can I sue based on malicious intent, alienation of affection, criminal conversation, loss of companionship, violation of company policies (fact and also shown in company e-mails, expense reports) in one of the 7 states still honoring these (if I move)? Wife committed massive marital misconduct and mistreatment (said that used me as stepping stone, after 13 years of marriage). What about the fact that wrongdoings, malicious interference happened from abroad (Europe)? Divorce proceedings went tru Family Court, Appeal and Supreme Court of California (2005-2008), California being the worst state for divorce - thanks

I know for North Carolina, the acts must have taken place or been related to this state otherwise it is out of this jurisdiction.

To sue in NC the acts must be related to NC in some way.