Alienation of Affection and CC litigation


I found out my x had been having an affair in Feb 08. In the course of her adultery she became pregnant with his child which was born a year before I found out about the affair. The separation agreement was signed in Nov 08 and now I am interested in pursuing AA/CC against him - obviously the DNA proves the case. HOWEVER, since he has no assets but they plan on staying together so this becomes a 2 part issue.

  1. Is she liable for ANY of the AA/CC?

  2. Can I pursue fraud litigation (as she knew the child was not mine but never told me and I paid for child care/doctor bills/food/shelter) against her since I have and still am raising the child from her affair? And should this litigation be pursued concurrently with the AA/CC case?


The paramour is the one who your AA/CC claim would be pursued against, not your ex.
As for the paternity issues, you will need to obtain a paternity test before moving forward with any action for fraud against your ex.