Alienation of Affection - Business vs. Emotional

History - Started business and worked full time to get it going. Wife worked part time and we have 2 kids. Year 3 and the business is starting to generate cash. I’m still working full time though. She would not quit her job. It has been costing us money for the past 12 months for her to work. Note: Her income - day care - employee salary = big negative. She said she didn’t want for us to work together- It was all me as I’m too demanding, no appreciative, etc… - Now I’ve found out she has a lover at work.

Situation - I caught her and she was very upset - wanted to work it out. We had sex and now everything on both sides is very calculated.


  1. Can I still claim allianation of affection since we made love since knowing about her infidelity? Also, am i going to have to pay her spousal support if we proceed with divorce or do I have to catch her again?
  2. I’ve been moving assets around to make them more difficult to find as I was building wealth for us. It may likely be that “us” will be “me and the kid’s future”. Can I transfer company stock after the seperation agreement and will it still be a valid transaction? Does the transaction of stock need to be an arm’s length transaction or can I move it to a relative?
  3. I’ve been pushing to get a cheaper house and lower our standard of living. This is regardless whether we stay together. If she won’t move then can I buy one in NC and move her out while she is out of town without having legal fallout - again, prior to seperation agreement.