Alienation of Affection


Based on the following information, can you tell me how likely my Allienation of Affection lawsuit would be successful? Also I have very little money to pay a retainer upfront. Is it possible to take on a contingency situation if the case looks promising? I have been very happily married for 12 years. 3 weeks ago I found a very explicit love letter email from my husband to his love of 3 years - the first I knew of anything going on. He says it was not a physical relationship, but a fantasy, although he also said he thought he loved her. I have a brief email from her to him, with his love letter attached. I believe I have enough proof for a successful lawsuit based on the information I have read on your website and others. I am 59 and my husband is 60. Thanks for much for any advise you have for me!


Many lawyers will take an alienation case on a contingency basis, but will likely still require a retainer to cover the costs of litigation along the way. ( filing fees, cost of a court reporter for depositions, ect.).