Alimomy Settlement


Offered my 401k and the remaining retirement fund from a previous job to settle alimomy, attorney did the QDRO’s for both funds, judge signed off on both of them, when we went back to court, she said it was not enough, she wants more, in his ruling the judge stated that since she did not agree, and she did not have access to the other account for another 15-18 years, he stated it was outside of the scope of his alimony order which would have ended in 3.5 years. I apparently just gave her almost 10,000 with this benefit. What options do I have now?


To be honest, I don’t entirely understand the situation you have explained. Alimony and Equitable Distribution are two entirely separate actions. A QDRO is related to Equitable Distribution, it is the instrument by which you divide a retirement account. If you intended this to be spousal support, you should have had your ex sign an alimony waiver. If her alimony claim has been preserved, she can still pursue the action.


She was awarded 600 a month in Alimony for 7 years, she owed me 30,00 after the ED trial, which reduced the alimony down to 3.5 years. Do not have the extra funds to pay 600 a month, so she took me to court for contempt, I weighed my options, and offered my 401k which had 12,400 in it and I also offered my half of a second retirement fund as a settlement, she agreed in court, so the case was continued for status of QDRO, she actually received 12,900 from the 401k, the other fund is worth approximately, 9,999 after the judge signed the QDRO’s it was supposed to be settled, when we went back to court she said it was not enough, I had also filed for a reduction in alimomy due to the loss of my reserve job, the judge denied my reduction, and stated that the 401k met the tequirements of his court order because she could take the money out when she wanted to that it was ok, however he said that since the other requirement fund was not available to her for another 15 years that it did not fall under his alimony order that stated it would be paid in 3.5 years, so now I have given her a benefit worth 9,900 and it won’t count towards alimony. What recourse do I have now?


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If you think the judge erred in his Order you need to appeal the judgement. Or you can file for a modification on alimony but it sounds like you already did this and your request was denied.