Alimony and aoa

my ex wife and i are trying to work things out. i pay $500 month in alimony what happens to this when or if i moved back in the home? does cohabitation take effect? if it does what happens if it does work out again? does the alimony just restart? the legal process during this divorce was very draining even though i agreed to work on things and move back for a unspecified amount time i can’t go thru this again.

also there during this time of working things out which includes counceling there are two pending alienation of affection lawsuits. that could take place. one against me and one against the other women which is no long in the picture. what happens to these? or what could happen to this lawsuits?

If you resume cohabitation any alimony payments would cease as she would no longer need separate maintenance if you resume cohabitation. If you separate again subsequently you will have to renegotiate alimony.

Your paramour’s husband may still pursue a claim against you, if the affections of his marriage were destroyed by your actions and relationship with his wife.

Your wife may sue your paramour in the event reconciliation is unsuccessful on account of the affair.