Alimony, child support, post seperation support


My ex wife has a BS in computer science with as much or more earning potential than myself. She abandoned me. I did not desire a divorce but followed through after two years. She has been “poor on purpose” and enrolled our son in school by lying to USDA. She did not include the temporary child support I pay, and she lied about her income. A 50/50 custody decision has now been rendered. I was bled dry in the ED due to her attorney’s failure to respond and do what she was required to do. My attorney did things her attorney was ordered to do. I have my son’s medical records where his mother reported to the doctor that I am “paranoid szhicophrenic”. I did not sue for alimony. It doesn’t make any sense. My son is/will be in school, and she began volunteering there when she lied to USDA; therefore, she is able to work. The story in the community is that she is going to make me pay. I have. Do I have any recourse in her suit for alimony, etc.? What about slander?


You cannot sue for alimony if you are divorced and did not have a claim for alimony prior to the divorce.
As for slander, if what your wife said to your son’s doctor was not made public, and therefore it is not actionable.