Should I have to pay my ex alimony when she kicked me out of the home more than a year ago and and has now filed a counterclaim to my divorce

  1. She can’t kick you out of the home. You had to have allowed that unless there were reasons that allowed legal barring from the home.

  2. She can counterclaim or ‘answer’ a divorce claim. That is normal. She can’t contest it, but she can counterclaim or answer any claim you have put in your claim.

  3. If she is a dependent spouse (makes and has made less money than you) , she is entitled to alimony UNLESS she has committed adultry and you can prove it.


She kicked me out of the home because we were actually living in her father’s home.


If your ex was the dependant spouse during the marriage she does have an alimony claim, however you will have the opportunity to defend yourself.