Am I Protected

My stbx and I were together for over a decade but didn’t wed until four years ago. While we were together but not married, we bought our current house. I was a stay at home husband and supported her in building her career. Since she was the bread winner, everything is titled in her name. She moved out three months ago and has established a residence elewhere. Since the house is in her name am I at protected from her or can she come and go as she pleases taking household items with her?

Even if her name is on the title, since she has established a new residence, she cannot come to and from the marital residence as she chooses. You also have a marital interest in the house. You should change the locks, notify her that she cannot come to the residence without your permission, and attempt to work things out amicably through the use of a separation agreement before getting the court involved. If you would like to talk to an attorney about your case, you can schedule a consultation or consider using Rosen Online to assist you with drafting an agreement.

Thank you so much for your help. I currently live in Franklin co, I contacted your office, in hopes of hiring your firm to represent me. Since you all dont practice in my area, can you recommend a lawyer/firm or maybe another resource for finding the top lawyers in my area?

We have a “lawyer locator” on the site that will give you some options. I wish you all the best!