Annulment false pretense

I want to file for annulment. I brought a fiance over from another country visa a fiance visa. After several months we got married and she starting asking me to give her a green card. I told her we need to file for a temperary card and stay married for 2 years while living in the same house. She stayed 6 days with me and left with her new boy friend. She is now filing for green card, but I withdrew my petition for her to stay. I married her in good faith and she only wanted a green card. Will this justify for false pretense?

If you read our article on annulments, you’ll note that the false pretense exception applies when the parties marry under the belief that the woman is pregnant, but no baby is born within 10 lunar months of the date of marriage. The other grounds for annulment are listed in the article as well, if none apply to your situation your recourse is to get a divorce.