Any way to speed up ED?

Is there any way to speed up an ED resolution?

My situation is that I’m divorced and managed to get a temporary custody order that is sufficient.

My ex continues to want “full custody” and is essentially prolonging the ED process in hopes that I’ll surrender on custody (or to punish me for not surrendering). My ex is supported financially by a wealthy parent and doesn’t need the money.

What can I do to make this go faster? It’s absurd that funds can be frozen for so long without even a counterproposal to my 50/50 suggestion. If I look at the timelines and extensions my ex can take, it looks like some of these funds could be frozen for over a year.

Mediation will not be successful with my ex because the desire is to keep the issue unresolved for as long as possible (and attorney expenses on that side are not an issue due to wealthy parent).

It just seems so unfair, malicious and punitive.

The only thing you can do to address ED if your ex is refusing to negotiate, is to file a lawsuit for ED. If you have filed your lawsuit, then you must adhere to the local rules in terms of scheduling ED related hearings. There really isn’t a way to speed the process up.