Are judges sensitive to financial


If I cannot afford a retainer and have to represent self how does a judge typically look at that ?
It is in my sons best interest for me to not stop paying bills so I can hire ant attorney . As a mother I feel
providing for my son is my highest priority , Husband has an attorney . This is money that we do not have and he is
pushing to file , rather than give me a couple weeks to educate myself so I can go into mediation with some sense of what to
push for and where to bend . I will not be represented . If he pushes and it goes to court and I stand before the judge alone with the explanation of my son do i have a chance in hell or is it just about who is best represented. ?
in the end , we have substantail debt versus any assets and my son is my only true priority so am i making a wise decision . I have no credit so i cannot charge an attorneys fees .
Can I adequately represent my self if he should file ?


Many people represent themselves.
I cannot advise you specifically on what you or your family members should do as far as saving money for an attorney.


will I be treated fairly by a judge
I have to choose to pay bills , support son and not pay for an attorney .
If I hire someone my son will suffer need wise as something will not get paid


Judges are unbiased and impartial.