Are separation agreements lawful binding contracts


My ex husband and I entered into a Sep Agreement in 2004…I was to recieve Alimony for 5 years…My ex husband decided to stop paying in 2008…I hired an attorney and it has been almost a year that nothing was done accept one Administrative Hearing that was heard in regards to how the case was progressing. MY QUESTION IS “ARE SEPARATION AGREEMENTS LAWFUL BINDING CONTRACT”? AND, IF SO, CAN I PLACE LEINS ON HIS BUSINESS AND PROPERTIES WITHOUT A DEFAULT OF JUDGEMENT?


Separation Agreements are legally binding documents which can be enforced by the courts. But you must be successful in your breach of contract action, or have a default judgment before you can place liens on property.



So long as it was signed and notarized by both parties.

You can only sue him for breach of contract to recover what he owes you plus attorneys fees and court costs. If you haven’t brought a lawsuit then their will be no moment toward a resolution/restitution unless your ex wants there to be. Why would he?