Are seperation paper still binding

The separation agreement may or may not be void, depending on the exact wording of the contract. In order to determine what your child support obligation will be in light of the new issues that have arisen, please use our child support calculator on our website.

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My wife and I have been seperated for a year and back in october she got seperation papers and I singed them. In the papers we settled the house wich I signed over to her and my truck was to be taking out of her name and her van out of mine. the papers said we had thirty days to do this or the contract would be broken well I got the truck out of her name in FEB. and she her van out of mine in April. would this cause these papers to be void. My concern is the child support it is set at 700. a month wich I begin paying in 2005 when we singed the paers I was making 4 dollars more an hour than I am making now I had to relocate also since the singing of the papers I have found out I have another child that I too have to support will all of this lower my child support

Patricia H Guill