Are there stats on the success rates when suing for aa/cc

Is this a big scare tactic or are people actually successful? What is involved in a lawsuit around this? What are some typical costs, timelines, settlements, and does it mostly settle out of court? How do the judges generally regard these claims?

One of our attorneys told us we could win big and the other attorney said it was a big joke and not to worry about it.

It’s very confusing.

People to successfully pursue these claims, however I am unaware of any complication of the statistics on the Plaintiff’s success rate.
Every case is different, and I can’t estimate how many settle out of court as many cases may even settle before suit is brought. These claims are expensive to pursue as they are very time consuming, and often take several months to a year to get to trial. The actual expense would depend on the lawyer’s hourly rate, and how much work was required.

The only reason to pursue this type of case is if the party subject to a lawsuit (alienation of affection) has any money! If the paramour is wealthy, then it would be in your best interest to pursue this type of case! Very few A of A’s are ever filed! It’s costly and judges (and lawyers) don’t normally know what the heck to do with them. Adultery is so commonplace today. Sad, but true. Everyone goes, oh well. And, today, divorce is “no fault”. If the paramour has big bucks, go for it. Otherwise, the case serves no purpose. Our legislature will probably do away with this in the future. We’re one of the few states left that allows this. It can help hold something over someone’s head, but that’s about all. Remember…no fault, no fault…no fault!

If you’re going to pursue…you have to have the upfront money to do so. Have rock solid evidence (PI info…pictures, emails, texts…) and be ready to go through about a year of emotional stress on top of the emotional stress you’re already going through. These things can drag out. I know. Been there…done that. 1-1/2 years of dragging before the case was dropped.