Attorney misconduct

If my ex’s attorney has knowingly and willfully typed up 2 orders different from what the judge ordered to benefit her client and this can be proven by recorded court sessions, will there be any sort of punishment to this attorney. It seems like that would be something an attorney could lose a license over, or am I wrong to think that? Attorneys are supposed to abide by a code of ethics, and this attorney has definitely not done so on numerous occasions.

She even typed up 1 order with completely wrong dates of hearings…my guess would be to throw off anyone who wished to listen to recorded hearings. Luckily, I had saved my old calendars and had the correct dates and was able to go to the clerk of court and get copies of recorded hearings. However, one of the court recordings I need in which I testified and which contains evidence to support I was wrongfully charged for contempt has mysteriously disappeared. The clerk has checked every possible court recording for that day and cannot find it. …???

Can I turned her in to the State Bar myself or would the judge have to order some sort of punishment since she is my ex’s attorney?

If the judge determines that the attorney is purposely drafting the order incorrectly he or she may impose an appropriate sanction at his or her discretion.

You may contact the state bar to report the behavior.