Attorney, please respond


If he is held liable for half the bill he would also be given credit for half the purchase. Half the bill is $4500 and half the value is $4500. Netted out he would owe $0 unless he keeps the entertainment system. (What type of system did you buy for that amount of $$$$)


Thank you for the info! This is actually an attempt to get a reply to a previous post that I made Monday. I’m thinking that possibly not all of these posts are actually responded to by an attorney. I’m confused on a credit card issue. If you might be able to help, could you take a look back to the topic entitled “property question” by me (Samantha) a couple days ago? I would be most appreciative of any help/advice. Thank you!


Another way to look at it: I purchased a new entertainment system, including flat-screen TV, on my credit card several months before my husband left. Amount was around $9,000. The credit card is in my name ONLY. I knew my husband was leaving a couple weeks before he actually did.

If there are no child support, child custody, alimony, or other property issues, can my husband be made to pay half that credit card, since I purchased the system for both of us, not knowing he was going to leave?

Thank you in advance for your reply.