Avoiding Service

Sheriff has been trying to serve the spouse for almost 3 weeks. They say they know he is in the house but he won’t come to the door. How long to we have to play this game before we can move on and what should we do? There are no children and no property issues. Thanks for this forum!

Edit: this is Carteret County. Very rural.

I would continue to let the sheriff try to make service, but you may also want to begin making plans to have him served by publication. You will have to file an affidavit with the court about the repeated attempts to get him served via sheriff prior to service by publication. You can review the rules of civil procedure for more information.

Thanks Ms. Putiri! Just learned that a Deputy caught him on the road in his car and did a traffic stop and served him. Yourresponse might be helpful for someone down the line. Thanks!~

You’re welcome. Glad to have been assistance, but glad to hear you got him served the old fashioned way. It’s much less expensive and time consuming than having to use publication.