Babysitter for my boys- Does she have to be licensed?

Hello! My ex wife who I am legally separated from has recently went back to work part time. I pay her child support and she has hired one of her girlfriends to watch the kids while she is working. It’s been brought to my attention that this could be for extended periods of time sometimes up to 8 hours. This women has kids of her own as well and I question if this is a healthy situation. Does she need to be licensed in Wake County?

The other issues that I have is she’s completely rude when I pick up or drop off the kids. There is major Animosity since my Ex and her are friends and I don’t need the daily drama or rude comments. What if I refuse to pick the kids up at this woman’s house? Curious to know my rights with this situation. The agreement says I am required to pick the kids up on my days at 5PM but it doesn’t state where to pick them up.

Unless there is something in your agreement that says the child care provider must be licensed, there is no requirement that the person be licensed. Review your agreement. If the legal custody provisions deal with making mutual decisions, you should discuss making a change in the child care and express your concerns.

If you refuse to pick up the child where the child is located, you may forfeit your visitation time.