Back from Afghanistan

I returned from Afghanistan three weeks ago. My wife has since took the children to NC. It wasn’t a great return here to Italy after a year deployment because everyone who had kids were reunited with there fater. Well i’m going on leave to NC to see my 2 children. I’ve told here that i will be there on Monday. I gave her ampile notice of my trip. All she has said to me was: “I have to talk to my Lawyer” My question is can she stop me from seeing them? In our seperation aggreement it says that we will be adults about the visitation. I have found out the Italien guy she left me for is there in Fayetteville with he. I think this is why she is being this way. I need to get an attorney when i get to Fayetteville. Does anyone know who the best Lawyer in in Fayetteville. Money is not an issue. I want to fight for primary custody of my children because my next assignment will be in Norfolk, VA… No deployments 9 to 5 great stable job to raise my kids. Thanks for any information anyone can provide. Thanks to everyone who is supporting the troops! Allot of women are quiting on us!!