Bad Husband & Broken Home

I understand that you are quite upset with the whole situation. However, you are causing yourself some other issues. First of all, you should have never gone to that woman’s house, let alone start a fight. You’re saying that your husband mistreats your son. Those actions from you hurt him also. You are nothing more than showing your MALE child that when you don’t get the response that you want that you’re supposed to hit. Just what do you really think the other woman was gonna tell you? If this woman wants your husband. Let her have him. You have to be the bigger person in all of this because you are the one who must be responsible. You said yourself that you have been with him off and on. Being a parent is for keeps. Don’t worry about the money that he makes. Worry about what you have and what you can do for you. Because if you keep going on like this, putting your hands on someone because they gave you the answer that you went over there to get. You will be fighting for more than that man! The fight of your life will be keeping your child. Two wrongs don’t make a right. You have more to loose than money.

Chosen Advocate

At least you are safe right now. That is the most important thing.

I found my husband cheating too, and wanted to do lots of things to the woman, but why? He is the who betrayed me, not her. But trust you me - I wanted to…

You need to chill and think about things for a minute or two and I would def suggest seeking professional help, with an attorney, and also maybe counseling. For your son and you. Our babies are precious…they see everything.

Take care.

Everything is gonna be alright…

Dear broken_nc:

Greetings. “Fed UP” and “chosen_advocate” are both right. Being strapped for cash is probably a huge concern, but you must first pull your own behavior back into check. Your best option is asking your family for financial assistance. Best of luck.

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I am 24 & I have a 5 yr old son. My husband & I have had problems over the past 7 yrs. We have spent 4 yrs apart & were still seeing eachother. 6 months ago we bought a house. Things were finally looking up. We didn’t have any problems untill the new girl hired to work with him came to his store. His behavior became very strange. He start becomeing rude to his step son. Then towards me. I am not stupid I sense something was going on. He didn’t come home christmas eve & new years eve. it gets worse. On New Years eve he had my son with him at the girl’s house he has been cheating with. He made out with her, declaired their love for eachother to my son & when my asked them to stop kissing, Husband hit him in the face. That is all I know but my son did fall asleep. My son has been telling me stuff I thought he was getting off TV. So when he told me this I (not knowing anything for sure) went to her house to have the wild stuff my son was saying dismissed. She confermed the affair & spoke of my son like he was dirty little secret. I was fine untill she spoke down of him. So yes i did slap her & pull her hair & her friends tried to beat me up but i got up & out. my son untouched. i went home to confront husband with everything. i threw my keys at him & why are you cheating on me? he threw me across the room. i got up and grabbed one of his dragon stuff off the wall & going to break it on th pc in the floor. he threw me again. my son saw everything. i went to the er the next night to make sure nothing was broken. i am pretty brused. i have 4 nots on my head from the door, door nob & frame. this was the first time he hurt me physcally. few days later she was in my home & i asked her to leave she stayed in my driveway cursing in front of my kid & guest. i threw a wrench at one of the broken windows in the house. she wouldn’t leave so i called the cops to make husband make her leave. that worked. this is the third time he has cheated on me. his affair is in the open & he wants to be with her. i still care for him but when he put his hands on my son that when i hate him. what can i do? i moved back home with mom with means i am on a couch, my son sleeps in bed with my sister because all my stuff is at my broken home. he was not good to my son & i am afraid of how all of this is going to affect him. he has been scared, he doesn’t want me to leave his sight. he make $15.00 an hour & i make half of that. what are my rights? what chance do i have of getting alimony? to make matters worse my engine blew up in my car. i don’t make very much. i am very scared. what can i do? how can i get help for a divorce if i have no money?