Best way to present photographs

The girl in me wants to lay out photographs with labels of what I am trying to show with each one-home environment, neighborhood activities, church, just for fun activities, education, etc. Is this too “scrapbooky.” I am going to have a male judge so I am thinking a black or dark blue background with pictures to go in each section of the notebook I am compiling. I was going to do white labels with plain black writing. What do you think? Also, is it possible for a photograph not to be admitted? Can an attorney object to a picture of an everyday activity?


The presentation of photos is a matter of aesthetics. I can’t say how any one judge will perceive how photo’s are organized or presented. The judge will focus on what is in the photograph.

An attorney can object to any piece of evidence, though I cannot see that there would be any valid grounds to object to the photos you describe if they are relevant in depicting the type of environment you intend to provide.