Breach of Promise - Broken Engagement


My son’s fiancé has just recently broken off the engagement. They became engaged in November, 2012, but have lived together since May, 2012 when my son moved to the town where she attended college. Immediately after giving her the ring, she began making plans for their wedding in November, 2015 - having engagement pictures taken, picking out the wedding venue, etc. - all at the expense of the young girl’s parents. In April of 2013, they moved to a larger - more expensive - apartment and added a roommate - splitting all the bills 3 ways (all 3 names are on the lease). My son works full time while his fiancé attends college full time and relies on scholarship money and her parents to support her - occasionally working part time. Recently, she has broken the engagement and requested that my son move out of the apartment. She is currently not living in the apartment (although she is still paying her part of the bills). Being a 19 year old young man, working full time, my son, lives paycheck to paycheck and is unable to financially break the lease he is obligated to and unable to move out on such short notice (she wants him out in 2 weeks, prior to classes starting back). He has moved his belongings into a third bedroom in anticipation of her return and has asked her to sign a “release of roommate” form as directed by the apartment management so that he can move without the added financial burden of a broken lease. The other roommate has no problem signing the release, but the ex-fiancé refuses to sign. My son left everything in his hometown, switched jobs - basically giving up everything to move to the town where she attended college - at her request - with the understanding that they would be married when she graduated from college. When proposed to, she accepted the ring, etc. My son expected to spend the rest of his life with this girl and now she has broken off the engagement. What , if any, recourse does he have - financially speaking?


Since she broke off the engagement, he should get the ring back. To determine whether he has other damages that are compensable would require a consultation to discuss his expenses, income, etc. to determine his damages.