Burdened with extra counsel fees


I have been burdened with a lot of extra counsel fees because my husband is stalling the divorce. He has fired 2 lawyers and is now representing himself. What should I ask my lawyer to do? I want pay back for all the extra time my lawyer is working. How does the lawyer calculate this time?

Can I do anything to get my husband to pay child support without involving the lawyer? I already owe the lawyer $10,000.00.

Thank you,


Your attorney needs to file a motion seeking attorney’s fees if you are eligible. You are only entitled to an award of attorney’s fees if you can demonstrate that you are unable to meet your spouse on equal footing, on the issues of spousal support, child support, and child custody. NC does not provide for an award of attorney’s fees for Equitable Distribution.

DSS may be able to help you with your child support claim.