Business restraining orders


I just found out my ex has millions in properties that is owned through a family business. Once I showed him I had proof he owns 25% of these properties he signed a document written up by his parents stating he agreed that all profits he would recieve from the sell of the properties would go straight into a college fund for our children and he wouldn’t accept it as income. The amount he stated he would recieve from the sell would be over 300,000, he is still sueing me for alimony claiming he was a dependant spouse and cannot make an income to support himself. There is also a question of whether I have a marital interest in this company as he recieved his portion as a "gift" from his parents after we were married, but on our joint filed tax returns we showed a loss every year of our marriage and I had the only income producing job. Also it shows on our taxes he had work expenses for these companies that he wrote off, showing our marital income helped support this company for over a decade. My question is can I get a restraining order that orders the company to put his % of the proceeds stopping him from disposing of them until its determined if I have a marital interest in this company like a trust held by my attorney's firm or somehting? The document he signed agreeing to turn over the proceeds to a college fund should show the court he intends to attempt to dispose of this so he doesn’t have to show it as income. I want to provent him from doing anything with these funds and other property sale proceeds until the judge can review it. Is there another option?


You may file a motion for a temporary restraining order, which the court may issue if there is a question regarding the nature of the business (marital or separate).