Can a Finalized Divorce Be Nullified?

Hello there,

I recently got divorced with my life long partner. Let’s call her Beth.

We signed the papers and made concluded the divorce as she wanted. A Fortnight later Beth comes back to me with this cool ideas of MarriageTailors dot kom

Can we nullify the original divorce or should we just start the whole courting thing afresh?? We have three grown up children!

No, a divorce judgment cannot be overturned unless one of the narrow exceptions below applies. Generally spouses that have been divorced but have now rekindled the relationship must re-marry.

If the divorce was granted after a trial (the judge heard testimony), then a motion for a new trial could be filed within 10 days of the entry of the judgment if there was an irregularity that prevented a fair trial, misconduct by the judge, accident or surprise that could not be guarded against, newly discovered evidence that was not reasonably obtained prior to the trial, error in law, etc.

Further, a motion for a relief from judgment could be filed within one year of the entry of the judgment if there was mistake/excusable neglect, newly discovered evidence, fraud/misrepresentation, etc. in the divorce judgment.