Can I take the other woman to court and win!

I am still married to my husband and we have been separated for a little over 2 years. We do not have papers. He left and nothing has been done. I haven’t because he has put us in such debt and I am trying to make the payments and not lose the house. We owe as much as it is worth because of his carelessness all throughout the years. I am a retired school teacher and he has let me know that he will take half of my retirement if he gets a divorce. He is on my health insurance because he is self employed. I have told him that I am going to have to take him off of the insurance if he doesn’t keep up some of the bills. I am getting probably more from him than I would if he were made to pay child support. My son is 16 and my daughter is too old and on her own. He had an affair when I was pregnamt with my daughter and he has probably played around and just never got caught again. He was renting a place and can no longer afford it so he moved in with the girl that he was seeing. I took pictures of his truck at her house. Last night I was at an event in our local town and I knew he would be there. I hoped he would be smart enough not to take her but he was not. I took pictues of them together. They left when he saw me. I followed them out and I ask her if she knew he was married and she ignored me. I told her that he had hit me, he hadn’t talked to his daughter in over 2 years, he owed my mom, his mom, and me money. I told her as she was walking that he got us in debt. She would not say anything. He can not pay for the truck payment and some other payments because they call here all the time. His truck payment is $750.00 a month and he is in construction and self-employed. He has very little work right now. He probably just started seeing her the first of this year. Is there anything I can do and take her to court and get money from her. I heard that she is divorced because her husband ran around on her and then she turns around and picks a married man. I had hoped that she didn’t know that he was married, but I think she did because when she saw me last night. I saw her mouth say Is that your wife and he said yes. Either when she came home last night or the last couple of days she changed the status on her facebook to in a relationship. I changed my back to married back in June when he moved in with her. I was hoping that she would see my status and see that I am married and question him and throw him out. This is futher from the truth. It seems that she wants him more and is not looking into his past. He is such a smoothy in his talk that he could sell swamp land to people in Florida. I had to pay on something he finally called me about the other day. He waited until some rental property was about to go into forclosure and said I had to come up with the money. Now I am short on the house payment. It will have to go on my visa. I get the money from the rental property and he is suppose to pay the payment for it. This helps me pay half the house payment. Again is there anything I can get her for since she didn’t break us up. It is wrong and not fair. Is there anything I can do about my retirement to keep it from him other than staying married to him? He does not deserve it. He has sponged on me all his life and has become a bum while I do all the working and worrying.

The other woman is not liable for alienation of affection and/or criminal conversation as she began dating your husband well after the two of you were separated.

Is there any way I can keep him from getting half of my retirement if we divorce? He abandoned us and is now living with the lady. He walked out on everything and has left me with most of the bills. He plays while I pay, it isn’t right, but all laws are not.

You can argue for an unequal distribution of the marital estate in your favor based on his non-contribution to the martial debts since separation.