Can i terminate his car insurance?

While married, our homeowner’s insurance and car insurance were on the same policy and that is still the case through this separation. The homeowner’s insurance is tied to the escrow account so no worries there. The car insurance bill however comes to the marital home where I live and I have been paying it. He has reimbursed me until recently (when I stopped paying him alimony). We do not yet have an agreement in place for anything.

Since he is no longer reimbursing me, can I force him to get a policy in his own name so that I no longer need to pay it for him? I’m not sure how this works because I do not want to do anything that would alienate the court down the road. I want to make sure I abide by the laws/rules and do what is fair.

You may advise him that you are dropping coverage on a certain date.