Can Inaccurate Exhibits Be Changed After The Fact?


Today in court my wife submitted a summary of credit card charges I have made over the past year on our joint account. Her lawyer submitted 12 months worth of credit card statements with an Excel spreadsheet that summarized various purchases of mine.

I was not represented by counsel, and I did not object to the evidence. The Excel spreadsheet had 37 categories for each of the past 12 months so there was no realistic way I could verify the accuracy of the spreadsheet sitting right there in the courtroom (needless to say, I was not given a copy of the summary spreadsheet in advance or I would have done all my work in advance and gone to court with the accurate figures).

Now that I am at home able to go through the summary spreadsheet and the credit card statements page by page, I am finding an awful lot of errors contained within her summary.

Is there any procedure by which I can request a change in the evidence after-the-fact? Or am I stuck with the inaccurate numbers since I did not object in the courtroom?


If the numbers were accepted by the judge and made part of a ruling you will have to file a motion for relief from judgment based on newly discovered evidence.